Ramen Review – Sutah Ramen

Today I decided to give a try on this Sutah Ramen by Samyang.  yeah the samyang that super popular with its spicy ramen. Well, if you’re so good with the fire noodle then how about this one? yeah, I’m judging here.

Actually I’m a ramen lover and I’m tryin’ to get a taste of all ramen in stores so I’m taking this as my first attempt to be a foodies reviews. Is that what we call people who rate foods? nah, nvm.

Enough with the intros, let’s begin 💃🏻


As you guys can see, the packaging is black in color and got some red color. Maybe the red color symbolize the hotness of the soup? that’s what I thought at first. Look at that sexy red soup. It is written SUTAH RAMEN on the front packaging with hangul text reminding you it’s from South Korea,lol. Then, it has that ‘Chewy Chewy’ above the illustrations. Maybe this ramen are proud with its noodles that have chewy texture. Let’s see buddy! For muslims, don’t need to worry bcs we got that HALAL 😉 oh yeah.


Next, in the packet we got the noodles (obviously), the soup base and some flakes. The noodles is a bit thinner than what we got in spicy fire noodle thing but the portion is quite similar. No worries, my tummy will welcomed you.  Actually the noodles cracked but I managed to put em together for a photo hahaha.

From the directions on the packaging, we need to put 550cc of water and I did. But then when I put the water in a pot, I thought oh man, this is too much for me. So, what I did was, I take out around 100cc of water out lol. Oh, 1cc is equal to 1mm fyi. I hate to put too much water when I cook ramen bcs the soup will be too watery? Thick soup for life!! 

At first, I want to put some mushrooms as the suggestions on the packaging but then I got none in my fridge hehe. So what I add on my ramen? Can you guess?

dudududududu *drum rolls*

Pls be excited.


Tadaaaa! I put an egg and half of lime and some red chili to spice this up hehe. Oh, the flakes consist of some dried carrot, dried radish green, dried cabbage, dried mushroom and dried red pepper flake. All. Dried. It is a good choice to add an egg but I need to remind you that YOU CAN’T STIR UP THE EGG bcs once you stir that, the soup will lost its taste.

I tried to taste the soup bfore I add some lime juice to it and the soup taste a lil bit spicy but it’s still okay for me. no big deal to spicy 😏 The spiciness didn’t sting ur mouth right away but it is gradually increase more when you eat it. But for me, the soup get a lil bit bitter taste (?) last on ur tastebud after you tried em. Then, I add the lime and guess what? Boom! It is much better and sooooo good 😍👍🏻 for the noodles it is so chewy and tasty. It absorbs the soup well too!

Overall, I’m loving this ramen and it makes my tummy full for a long time. Will try this one more time? Obviously a yes from me 💯

Conclusion :

Tastiness : 7/10 (8/10 if with a lime)

Spiciness : 4/10

Leave a comment down below if you tried this one so that I know what you thought and feel free to share this entry 😘 Oh, you also can leave a comment on what should I try next. See you soon 👋🏻


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