Kopi & Roti : Honest Review


Recently I’ve went to a new coffee shop in the town of Alor Setar which called Kopi & Roti and I should say that I was extremely excited to check em out. Oh, first of all, I’m not a coffee addict or lover and not also a pastry lover. I think I should call myself as a so-so person. Lmao. what is that bih. 

Btw, from what I know, this Kopi & Roti was already in Kangar, Perlis but then they changed their name to Ngopi. Um, I dunno pretty much abt this but yeah you guys can check it out.

IMPORTANT: Before we even start with the review, I need to give some extra bold that this is my own opinion and experience at Kopi & Roti so it can be differ from yours 😉 Okay let’s get start

  • Concept


I must say that it’s a good job to the owner since I love their concept and design a lot. It’s just simply basic white and gray wall and they put in a grey tables set with four chairs and some bigger tables with woody texture, some greens and a wide space which make it’s so minimal. I love minimal! Know like some kind of hipster cafes that have too heavy decoration that make it feels like there’s so much going on. So, a big thumbs up to the owner! You did a great job 👍🏻 Oh, and i love how cool this cafe is. It has a good air condition (?) pengudaraan dia elok ha. paham dak? As what this cafe motto is ‘White Space . Greenery . Nature’, I think they visualize it well. Perfect. Here’s some pictures of it.

full credit to @kopidanroti (instagram)
full credit to Kopi & Roti official facebook page.
  • Food
full credit to Kopi & Roti (facebook)

Okay, this is the highlight part isn’t it? Well, what’s the point of a good concept and design if they couldn’t make a good food aite? For my first visit to this coffee shop, I got my iced premium chocolate, a slice of brownies and iced matcha latte for my bestfriend. We didn’t order their signature sandwiches since we already head on to Pizza Hut before that, lol. It’s a regret tho but I’ll try next time and maybe write an update post for it.


For the iced premium chocolate, i just love it. It’s not very sweet and the sweetness not coming from sugar and that’s what I like abt it. When I stir it up, it look like milo ais actually but the taste is different. It’s well made and I’m sure to get back and order it again. The reason why I didn’t order their coffee um (I know that some of you will asking why u didn’t order kopi one since their name is kopi & roti) because I’m not a coffee person and a hot drinks person as well. But yeah I’m planning to try their iced coffee soon. Don’t worry people.

Next, the ice matcha latte. Basically it’s a green tea. Personally I didn’t like it that much bcs I’m not a fan of green tea but I didn’t say that I hate it or I didn’t drink it. Once I taste it, it kind of get that herbs smell? I dunno I just didn’t like that scent coming from it. But my bestfriend said that he like it and it tastes good. So, if you are a fan of green tea, make sure to try it out.

Lastly, the brownies. As I stated before, I’m not a pastry lover at all. I didn’t like chocolate and cakes (except choc cake) and all that sweety things in my mouth but I thought that maybe I should give it a try. My first impression is, it didn’t taste that bad. It’s good tho. I still can cooperate with the sweetness and the size is quite bigger and good value for money. When I feel like I ate too much of this and the sweetness just fill in my stomach, I took a sip of my iced choc and it kinda balance it up. So, I thought that my iced choc is a good companion to this brownies. For people out there that not a sweet lover like me, you guys can try this one since I also like it.

Sum up, I love what I order and the price also not too pricey and good value for money. I didn’t regret spending my money here and that’s a good thing aite?

full credit to @kopidanroti (instagram)
full credit to @m.yusuf.ahmad (instagram)

List price of what I order :

Premium iced chocolate : RM8.00

Iced Matcha Latte : RM8.00

Brownies : RM5.00

  • Service

I’m not gonna saying much regarding this. The service is all good. The workers will freely give you recommendations and introduce you to their menus. So, don’t hesitate to ask them okay? and, it didn’t take time too long to get my food on my table as well. It depends on how many customers they have on that time too.

me looking extra right to ur face, lol.

For my conclusion, I will definitely make my visit to this cafe next time and it’s a worth visit. So, make sure to put this Kopi & Roti on ur food hunting list. Recommended 👍🏻

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Extra info’s abt Kopi & Roti

Address : 1000 – 2300 No. 6, Kompleks Perniagaan Utama, Jalan Sultanah Sambungan, 05150, Alor Setar, Kedah.

Official instagram : @kopidanroti

Official facebook : Kopi & Roti



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