McD Spicy Korean Burger – Pedas Challenge

Last night, I went to the nearest McD at my home to get their new promotion menu which is Spicy Korean Burger that my friend kept saying “pedaih we”. Since i’m a spicy eater so I kinda excited with you, McD.


I bought the set including the chips and kind of strawberry ice blended for RM18 (+RM2 bcs I changed the drinks). But normal set will only cost you for RM15.99 and RM12.99 (ala carte).


This burger are claimed to have a kimchi seasoned beef patty, spicy Korean sauce, mixed vegetables, grilled onions and cheese between a warm charcoal bun. This is the first time that they used black charcoal bun instead of the usual one in Malaysia. Correct me if I’m wrong. I just love the bun so much. They’re so soft to touch and flawless than me. Lol.


The patty is quite big and cover all of the bun so you won’t have to worry to get the bun only when you take the first bite. For me, it doesn’t have that really strong flavor of kimchi and tbh I barely can sense it. But I’ll give an extra bcs the the beef patty is so juicy.

I really like the spicy Korean sauce thingy bcs it is damn good, man. They put it a lot but still, I want it more hahaha! If you guys wonder is that sauce really spicy, I would say it is no for me. Only 4 or 5/10 would be my rate but it can be varies. Overall, the sauce is just nice and no chilli sauce needed to be perfect. Walla.


For the chips, I didn’t really enjoy it and would change it to the usual french fries if I repurchase it again.

Final results, I’m so happy to try this new Spicy Korean Burger and would think to eat it again, soon. Hope that you will love it as much as I do! So, make sure to visit ur nearest Mc Donalds to get a taste of it.

Note: this limited edition burger only available until 23 August 2017.

Go grab fast!


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